"Cooking is the oldest art - even Adam was born hungry!"


1. Mushrooms Stuffed with Ewe Cheese 1790.-
2. Mushrooms in Sesame Coat 1290.-
3. Crumbed Camembert with Blackberries 1690.-
4. Grilled Smoked Cheese with Roquefort Dressing 1790.-
5. Crumbed Trappist Cheese 1290.-
6. Spring Chicken Salad with Roquefort 1190.-
7. Chicken Salad 1190.-
8. Beef Tatar at Your Choice 1890.-
(mixed or not mixed)
9. Grilled seep-cheese with sesame 1590-
10. Vegetarian Plate 1790.-
(stewed mixed greens with crumbed mushroom heads and cheese)


11. Meat soup 1490.-
(with cooked meat,liver dumplings and vegetables )
12. Variety of Bouillons at Your Choice 790.-
(with house made liver dumplings or eggs or noodles or with fridatto)
13. Poultry Giblets Soup with Tarragon served of bread 1290.-
14. Fisherman's Carp Soup 1590.-
15. Goulash Soup served in a cup 790.-
served in a kettle 1690.-
16. Farmes's Bean Soup served in a cup 790.-
served in a kettle 1690.-
(with knukckle cubes and sausage slices and with sour cream on top)
17. Goulash Soup with Beans in a cup/kettle 790-/1690.-
18. Peach Cream Soup with Toasted Almond in a cup 790.-
19. Mushroom Soup Hungarian style in a cup/kettle 790.-/1690.-
20. French Onion Soup served of bread 1190.-

"A good restaurant is a place, where freedom of nature and harmony rule, where peace and happiness govern and where there are everything and everybody to serve you."


21. Salmon with Cream-Shrimp Ragout 2890.-
22. Popeye's Salmon Core 2890.-
(salmon grilled in salamander with spinach and cheese)
23. Fried Salmon 2890.-
Salmon Fried with Lemon in Lemon Sauce
24. Fillet of Perch-Pike Kárpáti Style 2890.-
(in a ragout of shrimps, mushrooms, dill and cream )
25. Fillet of Perch-Pike Chardonnay Style 2790.-
(in a sauce of leek, cream and white wine)
26. Stripes of Perch-Pike coated Orly Style 2690.-
(perch-pike rolled in beer-dough and fried in plenty of oil)
27. Fillet of Perch-Pike coated in Walnut 2690.-
(in Viennese crumbs enriched with ground walnut)
28. Pike-Perch in Whole 85.- / dkg
29. Trout in Whole with Toasted Almonds 85.- / dkg
30. Thick of Wells Dorozsma style 2890.-
(noodles with dill, mushroom,tomato in paprika sauce)
31. Paprika Wells in a Nest of Cottage Cheese Noodles 2890.-
32. Sea Fish Fried in Breadcrumbs 1890.-

"If you want to get to know someone thoroughly, take them for a meal. What they are eating and how he is eating will perfectly reveal their personality."
Erasmus von Rotterdam


33. Goose Liver Tokaj Style 3490.-
(goose liver with grilled apple and Tokaj sauce)
34. Breaded Goose Liver slicer 3290.-
35. Goose Liver Hungarian Style 3790.-
(spiced slices of potato mixed with lecsó with goose liver on top)
36. Breast of Turkey, the Way We Imagine It 2290.-
(generously seasoned and breaded breast of turkey stuffed with goose liver and toasted mushrooms)
37. Emperor's Turkey 2090.-
(turkey breast stuffed with camembert and William's pear)
38. Turkey Szatmár in almond sauce 2190.-
(turkey breast stuffed with cheese, ham and stewed prunes)
39. Turkey Steak Bem style 2190.-
(turkey breast and liver roasted on an iron plate and served in Roquefort sauce)
40. Forester's Turkey 1990.-
(turkey breast stuffed with walnuts and sour cherry)
41. Alpine Peak (Ladies' favourite) 2190.-
(turkey breast stuffed with ewe cheese, dill and garlic)
42. Turkey breast with cheese cream 2190.-
43. Gyula's Kabos Favourite 2090.-
(stripes of turkey breast toasted with mushrooms, dill and garlic and boiled up with cream)
44. Best of Chicken in Cheese Crust with Tzatziki 2190.-
45. Ironed Breast of Chicken in Hot Honey-and-Peach Sauce 1990.-
46. Chicken Medallions with Sesame in Sweet-and-Sour Sauce 1890.-
47. Chicken Breast Kiev Style 1890.-
(breaded breast of chicken stuffed with cheese, spicy butter and nutmeg)
48. Chickchicken 1890.-
(breast of chicken stuffed with delicate chicken liver in sesame coat)
49. Parisian Hill 2190.-
(floured stripes of chicken on steamed vegetables)
50. Small Cuts Kalotaszeg Style 2190.-
(stripes of chicken and turkey breast with fried liver, lecho and French fries)
51. Chicken Liver Skewer with Bacon 1890.-
52. Chicken Wings Crispy Fried or Breaded 1890.-
(5 pieces, prepared at your choice)

"To entertain a guest means to take Such good care of they comfort stay forever!"


53. Sirloin Stripes a la Stroganoff 3790.-
( stripes of sirloin with mushrooms ,pickles ,mustard and cream )
54. Sirloin Medallions Budapest Style 4390.-
(beef medallions with goose liver garnished with mushrooms, green peas and lecsó)
55. Chef-Steak 4390.-
(slice of goose liver between tournedos with mushrooms and cheese grilled in salamander)
56. Beef Steak Kedvessy Style 4390.-
(with grilled goose liver, garnished with mushrooms in dill-paprika-sauce)
57. Devil's Sirloin Steak 3890.-
(in spicy colour-pepper sauce)
58. Sirloin Medallions Lyon style 3890.-
(with grilled onion)
59. Sirloin Medallion Tournedos Dijon 4090.-
( steak medallions garnished with fried mushroom heads, coated in mustard sauce)
60. Sirloin stripes Hunter style 3990.- (with mushrooms, chicken liver, red wine sauce)
61. Hungarian Sirloin Medallions 4090.-
(seasoned slices of potatoes mixed in lecsó and served with three fine pieces of medallions)
62. Paprika Veal stew in Cream 2490.-
63. Breaded Calf's leg 1990.-
64. Beef Goulash in Red Wine with Mushrooms 2090.-
(cooked with toasted mushrooms and Bull's Blood Red Wine from Eger)
65. Beef Goulash 1990.-

"Nothing makes a conversation more pleasant than an activity that does not divert
your attention from talking."



69. Cordon Bleau 1890.-
(breaded rib cut of pork stuffed with cheese and pork)
70. Stuffed Pork Chop Prague Style 2190.-
(breaded pork chop stuffed with ham, dill, garlic and ewe cheese)
71. Filet of Pork Maros style 2190.-
(rib cut of pork stuffed with smoked knuckle cubes, sausage and onions)
72. Pork Cutlet Hannover Style 2190.-
(cutlet stuffed with Roquefort und sausage)
73. Pork Chop Milan Style 2290.-
(spagetti with ham, tomato and cheese with a pork chop fried in breadcrumbs on top)
74. Pork Medallion Budapest Style 2490.-
(best of pork with goose liver garnished with mushrooms, green peas and lecsó)
75. Pork Medallion Hungarian Style 2490.-
(slices of potato in lecsó with grilled best of pork on top)
76. Porkmedallion with porcini musrooms sauce 2490.-
77. Farmer's Spare Rib 1990.-
(slice of spare rib in a ragout of onions, ham and sausage)
78. Pork Spare rib Gypsy Style 1890.-
(slice spare rib with bacon)
79. Pork Chop Holstein, the Way We Like It 2090.-
(slice of spare rib marinated in garlic with mushrooms, fried egg and bacon)
80. Pork Medallion Brassów Style 1790.-
(ragout of pork with garlic and fried of potatoes)
81. Shy Roast 2190.-
(in grated potato coat)
82. Knuckle of Pork Baker's Wife 2190.-
(steak potatoes mixed in onion-bacon ragout with knuckle grilled on iron plate)
83. Smoked and Cooked Whole Knuckle of Pork 32.- / dkg
(with mustard, horse radish, red onions and boiled eggs)

"Feating well and cooking are time consuming therefore it is sometimes nice to wait for a meal ."

84. Spagetti Milanese 1190.-
85. Spagetti with chicken in Cream-Mushroom Ragout 1590-
86. Spagetti quattroformaggi 1390.-
87. Cottage-cheese Noodles with bacon chips 1090.-
88. Home-made "Sztrapacska" (potato dumplings in ewe cheese) 1290-
89. "Sztrapacska" with knuckle cubes 1390.-
90. Dumplings with egg 690-

91. Home-made Cabbage Salad 490.-
92. Beetroot Salad with Horse Radish 490.-
93. Pickled Cucumber 490.-
94. Pickled Apple paprika 490.-
95. Tomato Salad with mozzarella and basil 790.-
96. Cucumber Salad in Sour Cream 590.-
97. Mixed fresh Salad 590.-
(eisberg lettucce, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil)
98. Tzatziki 590.-
99. Greek Salad 690.-
100. Sopszka 690.-

101. Home-made Compote 590.-
(peach, sour cherry, pear)

102. Piquant Tomato Sauce 200.-
103. Tartar Sauce 200.-
104. Salad Dressings 200.-
(with Roquefort, dill or garlic)

105. Steamed Vegetables 490
106. Butter Corn 390
107. Steak Potatoes 390
(potatoes fried and seasoned)
108. French Fries 390
109. Garlic Potatoes 690
(fried potatoes in garlic-cream sauce)
110. Parsley Potatoes 390
111. Potatoes / Corn in Mayonnaise 390
112. Mashed Potatoes 390
113. Croquets 390
114. Steamed Rice at Your Choice 390
(with mushrooms, currants corn or with green peas)
115. Dumplings 390

"Cooking and music are art forms while done, everybody is free interpret their feelings."
Pierre Hermé


116. Pancake Bounty 690.-
(stuffed with mild coconut cream and coated with chocolate)
117. Pancake Tower 1190.-
(taste potpourri of cocoa, whortleberry, cottage-cheese, jam walnut cream and coconut)
118. Pancakes from Burgenland 690.-
(stuffed with cinnamon peaches, coated with vanilla and served with chocolate ice-cream and whipped cream)
119. Drunken Pancake 690.-
(stuffed with organic rum-sour cherry cream and coated with chocolate)
120. Cottage-cheese Pancake 690.-
(stuffed with lemon-cottage-cheese cream and coated with vanilla)
121. Cottage-cheese Dumplings 690.-
(with sour cream and icing or with whortleberry jam)
122. Somlo dumplings 690.-
123. Chocolate Bomb 690.-
(Somlói galuska in a cup with chocolate ice-cream coated in chocolate)
124. Bemrudi 690.-
(Simply place your order and we won't disappoint you.)
125. Peach Melba 690.-
(fine peach in cup served with vanilla ice)
126. Mixed Ice-cream 690.-
(chocolate, vanilla, various forest fruits in all kinds of combination)
127. Sweet Chestnut Cream 690.-

"Happy is a piece of chocolate that has gone around the world through ladies' smiles and dies a joyful death melting in a mouth."


128. Scone with Cracklings / Cheese 200.-
129. Vienna Sausages 690.-
130. Mixed Cheese Plate 1790.-

We can prepare a small portion for you for 70 % of the given price.

Garnish is generally not included. Where it is we indicate it.

Bem Restaurant - Buttery
2. category
1027 Budapest, Bem József tér 1.
Tel: +36 (1) 212 57 38

2016.november 1.

ITALLAP / Getränkekarte / drink list

"Ültess egy fáradt embert egy kiadós étel elé, erőlködve megeszi és lehet, hogy jobban érzi magát.
Adj neki egy pohár bort vagy alkoholt, azonnal a legjobb formába kerül, s szemed láttára újraéled."
Brillat - Savarin


Csapolt Krusovice Korsó 0,5l 650.-
Krusovice Pohár 0,3l 420.-
Soproni Korsó 0,5l 520-
Soproni Pohár 0,3l 330-


Gösser 650.-
Gösser Citrom 0,33 490.-
Radeberger 800.-
Búzasör /Edelweis/ 750.-
Barna sör 650.-
Alkoholmentes 0,33 490.-


Szénsavas üdítőitalok 0,25L:
Pepsi,Pepsi light,Ginger,Orange, Tonic 350-

Rostos üdítőitalok:

Sió Alma, őszilé 0,3L 350-
Narancs juice 100% 350.-
0,25 Ananász 350-
0,25 Ice tea 350-
Ásványvíz 350.-
Bomba energiaital 550.-
Tea 300.-
Kávé 300.-
Capuccino 350.-

WEINEN 0,75l

Balatoni Olaszrizling 1800.-
Debrői Hárslevelű (Félédes) 1800.-
Chardonnay 1800.-

Egri Bikavér 1950.-

Ostoros Kékfrankos (félédes) 1800.-
Rosé 1800.-

Rizling, Cabernet sauvignon 150.-/dl


Unicum (Unicum Szilva) 4cl 700.-
Vodka 500.-
Becherovka 700.-
Ágyas (barack, szilva) 720.-


Jägermeister 4cl 800.-
Gordon’s Gin 700.-
Tequila 700.-
Bacardi Rum 700.-
Bailey’s 800.-
Ballantines 1000.-
Jim Beam 1000.-
Jameson 1200.-
Jack Daniel’s 1200.-


Martini 800.-
Campari 1200.-


Charmant Doux 3000.-
Hungaria Extra Dry 3800.-

PÁLINKÁK 2cl 4cl

Birs 46%,Cigánymeggy 44% 560- 1120-
Ó Sorozat 520- 1040-


50% Szilva,Őszibarack 600- 1200-
Magony mézes körte 34% 560- 1120-

0,5l 0,1l

Aszu 5 puttonyos 8000.- 1600.-
Szamorodni 4500.- 900.-