„Cooking is the oldest art – even Adam was born hungry !





1.                  Crumbed camembert in multi-seeded Coat              2490.-

2.                  Caesar salad               2390.-

3.                  Crumbed Trappist Cheese                 2390.-

4.                  Beef Tatar at Your Choice  20dkg    3390.-

(mixed or not mixed)










5.                  Meat soup                   2690.-

(with cooked meat,liver dumplings and vegetables  )

6.                  Variety of Bouillons at Your Choice            990.-

(with house made liver dumplings or eggs or  noodles)

7.                  Poultry Giblets Soup with Tarragon served in a kettle                    2090.-

8.                  Goulash Soup served in a cup                       990.-

served in a kettle                    2090.-

9.                  Farmes’s Bean Soup served in a cup            990.-

served in a kettle                    2090.-

(with knukckle cubes and sausage slices and  with sour cream on top)

10.              Cold fruit soup in a cup            990-








„A good restaurant is a place, where freedom of nature and harmony rule, where peace and happiness govern and where there are everything and everybody to serve you.“









11.              Fillet of Perch-Pike Orly Style                      4090.-

12.              Fillet of Perch-Pike in Breadcrumbs                         4090.-




Mixed Plates


13.              Retro Plate  8700-

/cordon bleu,Turkey with sesame,Margerita chicken breast cheese in breadcrumbs  with mixed garnises and salad/

14.              Farmer Plate  9700-

/smoked knukle,pork spare rib gipsy style.pork spare rib farmer style,Filet of Pork Maros style steak potatoes,boiled potatoes,mixed salad/








15.              Emperor’s Chicken                3590.-

(chicken breast stuffed with camembert and William’s pear)

16.              Chicken breast caprese with fresh salad            3590.-

/grilled chicken breast with basil,tomato and cheese/

17.              Gyula’s Kabos Favourite                   3590.-

(stripes of  chicken breast toasted with mushrooms, dill and garlic and boiled up with cream)

18.              Chicken Breast Kiev Style                3590.-

(breaded breast of chicken stuffed with cheese, spicy butter and nutmeg)

19.              Chicken paprikash with egg dumpling           3590-









„To entertain a guest means to take Such good care of they comfort  stay forever!“








20.              Sirloin Medallions with lecsó                        6390.-

21.              Devil’s Sirloin Steak                         6090.-

(in spicy pepper sauce)                                                 

22.              Beef Steak with egg              6090-

23.              Beef  Goulash      3790-





24.       Cordon Bleau                    3590.-

(breaded rib cut of pork stuffed with cheese and pork)

25.      Stuffed Pork Chop Prague Style               3590.-

(breaded pork chop stuffed with ham, dill, garlic and ewe cheese)

26.     Filet of Pork Maros style                3590.-

(rib cut of pork stuffed with smoked knuckle cubes, sausage and onions)

27.     Filet of Pork  with lecso                 3590.-

(best of pork with goose liver garnished with mushrooms, green peas and lecsó)

28.     Farmer’s Spare Rib             3590.-

(slice of spare rib in a ragout of onions, ham and sausage)

29.       Pork spare rib Gypsy Style          3590-

30.          Pork Goulash                             3390.-

31.  Wiener Pork filet with Coleslow salad          4190-

32.  Knuckle of Pork Baker’s Wife          3590.-

(steak potatoes mixed in onion-bacon ragout with knuckle grilled on iron plate)

33.  Smoked and Cooked Whole Knuckle of Pork          49.- / dkg

(with mustard, horse radish, red onions and boiled eggs)





Feating well and cooking are time consuming therefore it is sometimes nice to wait for a meal .







34.       Home-made “Sztrapacska”(potato dumplings in ewe cheese)        2490-

35.  Sztrapacska with Knuckle    2590-

36.  Egg dumpling    1500-







37.  Home-made Cabbage Salad      600-

38.  Picled cucumber              600-

39.  Coleslow salad              650-

40.  Tomato Salad with onion       700-

41.  Cucumber Salad in Sour Cream      700-

42.    Tartar sauce                            290.-




43.    Steak Potatoes      500-

(potatoes fried and  seasoned)

44.    French Fries    500-

45.    Garlic Potatoes     900-

(fried potatoes in garlic-cream sauce)

46.    Parsley Potatoes     500-

47.    Mashed Potatoes     500-

48.    Steamed Rice           500-

49.    Dumplings      500-





50.      Bounty pancakes                   950-

            (stuffed with coconus in chokolat cream)

51.        Pancake Zserbó                 950-                

(stuffed withnut cream,jam, with chocolate souce)

52.    Somlo  dumplings                  950.-

53.    Bemrudi                     1050.-

(Simply place your order and we won’t disappoint you.)



„Happy is a piece of chocolate that has gone around the world through ladies’ smiles and dies a joyful death melting in a mouth.“




We can prepare a small portion for you for 70 % of the given price.

Garnish is generally not included. Where it is we indicate it.

The final amount of your receipt includes service fees.



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„Offer a tired man a rich meal: he will eat it gathering all his strength. Offer him a glass of wine: you will see him getting into his best shape and reviving right in front of your eyes.“