„Cooking is the oldest art – even Adam was born hungry !“





1.                  Mushrooms  in Sesame Coat             1490.-

2.                  Crumbed Camembert with Blackberries                   1690.-

3.                  Grilled Smoked Cheese with Roquefort Dressing salad                  1890.-

4.                  Crumbed Trappist Cheese                 1490.-

5.                  Spring Chicken Salad with Roquefort                      1490.-

6.                  Chicken Salad                                   1390.-

7.                  Beef Tatar at Your Choice                1990.-

(mixed or not mixed)

8.                  Cheese pancakes in sour cream            990- 

9.                  Mixed Cheese Plate   1890-  






10.              Meat soup                   1690.-

(with cooked meat,liver dumplings and vegetables  )

11.              Variety of Bouillons at Your Choice            790.-

(with house made liver dumplings or eggs or  noodles)

12.              Poultry Giblets Soup with Tarragon served of bread                       1390.-

13.              Fisherman’s Carp Soup                     1890.-

14.              Goulash Soup served in a cup                       790.-

served in a kettle                    1690.-

15.              Farmes’s Bean Soup served in a cup             790.-

served in a kettle                    1690.-

(with knukckle cubes and sausage slices and  with sour cream on top)

16.              Goulash Soup with Beans  in a cup/kettle                790-/1690.-

17.              Cold fruit soup in a cup            790-

18.              French Onion Soup served of bread             1290.-





„A good restaurant is a place, where freedom of nature and harmony rule, where peace and happiness govern and where there are everything and everybody to serve you.“









19.              Salmon with Cream-Shrimp Ragout             2990.-

20.              Fried Salmon              2990.-

Salmon Fried with Lemon in Lemon Sauce

21.              Fillet of Perch-Pike Kárpáti Style                 2990.-

(in a ragout of shrimps, mushrooms, dill and cream  )

22.              Fillet of Perch-Pike Chardonnay Style                     2990.-

(in cream and white wine)

23.              Stripes of Perch-Pike coated Orly Style                   2690.-

(perch-pike rolled in beer-dough and fried in plenty of oil)

24.              Fillet of Perch-Pike in Breadcrumbs                         2990.-

25.              Wells in forest musrooms paprika sauce,with sheep cheese dumpling                    2990.-

26.              Sea Fish Fried in Breadcrumbs                     2190.-










„If you want to get to know someone thoroughly, take them for a meal. What they are eating and how he is eating will perfectly reveal their personality.“

Erasmus von Rotterdam







27.              Breaded Goose Liver slicer    3590.-

28.              Goose Liver Hungarian Style                                   3990.-

(spiced slices of potato mixed with lecsó  with goose liver on top)

29.              Breast of Turkey, the Way We Imagine It               2590.-

(generously seasoned and breaded breast of turkey stuffed with  goose liver and toasted mushrooms)

30.              Emperor’s Turkey                  2490.-

(turkey breast stuffed with camembert and William’s pear)

31.              Alpine Peak (Ladies’ favourite)                    2490.-

(turkey breast stuffed with ewe cheese, dill and garlic)

32.              Turkey breast with cheese cream      2390.-

33.              Gyula’s Kabos Favourite                   2390.-

(stripes of  turkey breast toasted with mushrooms, dill and garlic and boiled up with cream)

34.              Best of Chicken in Cheese Crust with Tzatziki                    2490.-

35.              Ironed Breast of Chicken in Hot Honey-and-Peach Sauce             2290.-

36.              Chicken fried in Breadcrumbs  with Sesame                       2190.-

37.              Chicken Breast Kiev Style                2190.-

(breaded breast of chicken stuffed with cheese, spicy butter and nutmeg)

38.              Parisian Chicken Breast                     2190.-








„To entertain a guest means to take Such good care of they comfort  stay forever!“










39.              Sirloin Medallions Budapest Style                4690.-

(beef medallions with goose liver garnished with mushrooms, green peas and lecsó)

40.              Chef-Steak                 4690.-

(slice of goose liver between tournedos with mushrooms and cheese grilled in salamander)

41.              Beef Steak Kedvessy Style               4690.-

(with grilled goose liver, garnished with mushrooms in dill-paprika-sauce)

42.              Devil’s Sirloin Steak                          4290.-

(in spicy colour-pepper sauce)                                                 

43.              Hungarian Sirloin Medallions                       4390.-

(seasoned slices of potatoes mixed in lecsó and served with three fine pieces of medallions)

44.              Breaded Calf’s leg                             2390.-

45.              Beef Goulash in Red Wine with Mushrooms                       2390.-

(cooked with toasted mushrooms and Bull’s Blood Red Wine from Eger)

46.  Beef Goulash                         2290.-







„Nothing makes a conversation more pleasant than an activity that does not divert your attention from talking.“












47.  Cordon Bleau             2390.-

(breaded rib cut of pork stuffed with cheese and pork)

48.  Stuffed Pork Chop Prague Style                  2490.-

(breaded pork chop stuffed with ham, dill, garlic and ewe cheese)

49.  Filet of Pork Maros style                   2490.-

(rib cut of pork stuffed with smoked knuckle cubes, sausage and onions)

50.  Pork Chop Milan Style                      2490.-

(spagetti with ham, tomato and cheese with a pork chop fried in breadcrumbs on top)

51.  Pork Medallion Budapest Style                    2990.-

(best of pork with goose liver garnished with mushrooms, green peas and lecsó)

52.  Pork Medallion Hungarian Style                   2690.-

(slices of potato in lecsó with grilled best of pork on top)

53.  Porkmedallion with porcini musrooms sauce            2690.-

54.  Farmer’s Spare Rib                2290.-

(slice of spare rib in a ragout of onions, ham and sausage)

55.  Pork Spare rib Gypsy Style               2190.-

(slice spare rib  with bacon)

56.  Pork Chop Holstein, the Way We Like It                2390.-

(slice of spare rib marinated in garlic with mushrooms)

57.  Pork Medallion Brassów Style                                 2190.-

(ragout of pork with garlic and fried of potatoes)

58.  Knuckle of Pork Baker’s Wife          2490.-

(steak potatoes mixed in onion-bacon ragout with knuckle grilled on iron plate)

59.  Smoked and Cooked Whole Knuckle of Pork         36.- / dkg

(with mustard, horse radish, red onions and boiled eggs)








Feating well and cooking are time consuming therefore it is sometimes nice to wait for a meal .“




60.                Spagetti Milanese                            1190.-

61.Spagetti with chicken in Cream-Mushroom Ragout  1790-

62.  Spagetti quattroformaggi                   1490.-

63.  Home-made “Sztrapacska” (potato dumplings in ewe cheese)   1390-        

64.  Sztrapacska” with knuckle cubes                 1490.-

65.   Spagetti with hot shrimps                 1790-



66.  Home-made Cabbage Salad               490.-

67.  Pickled Cucumber                   490.-

68.  Pickled Apple paprika             490.-

69.  Tomato Salad with onion        590.-

70.  Cucumber Salad in Sour Cream                     590.-

71.  Mixed fresh Salad                   590.-

(eisberg lettucce, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil)

72.  Tzatziki                        590.-

73.  Sopszka                       690.-

74.  Peach Compote                       590.-




75.  Tartar Sauce                            200.-

76.  Salad Dressings                       200.-

(with Roquefort, dill or garlic)



77.  Steamed Vegetables      490-

78.  Butter Corn      390-

79.  Steak Potatoes      390-

(potatoes fried and  seasoned)

80.  French Fries     390-

81.  Garlic Potatoes      690-

(fried potatoes in garlic-cream sauce)

82.  Parsley Potatoes      390-

83.  Mashed Potatoes      390-

84.  Steamed Rice at Your Choice      390-

(with mushrooms, currants corn or with green peas)

85.  Dumplings      390-


„Cooking and music are art forms while done, everybody is free interpret their feelings.“

Pierre Hermé




86.  Pancake Bounty                      690.-

(stuffed with mild coconut cream and coated with chocolate)

87.  Pancakes from Burgenland                 690.-

(stuffed with cinnamon peaches, coated with vanilla and served with whipped cream)

88.  Somlo  dumplings                   690.-

89.  Bemrudi                      690.-

(Simply place your order and we won’t disappoint you.)

90.  Sweet Chestnut Cream                       690.-

91.          Pancake Gundel                      790-


„Happy is a piece of chocolate that has gone around the world through ladies’ smiles and dies a joyful death melting in a mouth.“






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„Offer a tired man a rich meal: he will eat it gathering all his strength. Offer him a glass of wine: you will see him getting into his best shape and reviving right in front of your eyes.“